About us

Art Wins is a part of Space of Culture 2020. The project takes place in Gaziantep. The main goal of the project is to use the power of art – in our case it is “mural” – to create a positive atmosphere within the society. To reach out goal, we selected a wall full of some bad sayings and turn into a piece of art with the artists and students. Due to Covid period, workshops on the power of art were held online. Actual wall work will be held in Ibrahimli,Şehitkamil.

Here are also previous walls selected but due to the historical artchitecture, we are not allowed to work on them. You can find them below.

Here is the actual wall to work on.

We are working with two street artists / muralists : Caseclassico and Cheksparow. Here is their cooparative work, the biggest graffiti which can be seen from space/the satalite as well.